Friday, 18 September 2009

Overfill (ew...)

For bandits only
I'm posting this in case it's useful to other bandits - I have to admit I'm not really enjoying writing about it!
After a very restricted day yesterday when I was only able to drink (just about) and nibble (barely), I went to the gym in the evening and did my usual 50 minutes. I was pleased to discover that taking a book to read worked better than listening to the piped rock music and watching the soundless screen, because it helped to pass the time - it can be so mind-numbingly boring. I noticed that I couldn't do as much as usual, no doubt because I had consumed few calories during the day. I didn't drink any water because I was afraid that the new restriction would make me bring it back up...
Then I went for a swim with John - it was 9 p.m. and wonderfully quiet, but to my disgust I had to give up after 4 lengths because I got cramp in both feet and felt quite clearly that with the weightlessness in the pool, the band was working its way up to strangle me - horrible feeling. I believe the cramp may have been due to lack of fluid, but - catch 22 - I couldn't drink because I was too restricted. A couple of PB's later I was able to get dressed and drive home. The last drink I had managed to keep down had been at 4 p.m., and that was it folks till 1.30 p.m. today.
The PB's continued after I got home, and I had a terrible night choking every 15-20 minutes, scared sick I would dislodge the band with my violent coughing, and by morning I was hoarse. I was also 3 lbs down, but knew it was because of dehydration. I hoped that once at work the swelling would have calmed down and I would be able to drink, but when I couldn't even do that I confess I began to panic a little. I managed to get hold of the bariatric team at Taunton, and was told to drive in there and then because I was having the classic symptoms of an overfill.
The nurse took out a whole ml, then with the needle still in she got me to sit up and drink three glasses of water while she put the saline back in a quarter of a ml at a time. That water was sheer nectar. I've ended up with 9.75ml - so just a quarter removed. It feels marvellous, though it hasn't been severely tested yet because I was so exhausted by the whole experience that I've slept the rest of the afternoon.
Well, no harm done - I'm fine now and about to attempt some scrambled egg.
I feel overwhelmed by the wonderful support from those who have left comments on my last post. Thank you dear friends, it really did make me feel a whole lot better. I hope I can do the same for you when you need it.


Roo said...

I am sorry to hear that this happened, but at least you got it fairly early and have been able to fix it and now be able to eat at least something.....hopefully you won't have any more problems....take care

Dawn said...

OH Caroline, what a rough time you've had. I hope that this is it for you and you'll be able to drink and eat normally. And you went to the gym and swimming too...where did you find the energy from?
I'm almost there, feeling better every day. I am doing the garden today, in between catching up with everyones blogs...LOL

have a good day


oozyxena said...

Caroline, I am so pleased you have got it sorted, and finally you have proper resriction, the kind I was trying to tell about on my blog.

I know what the feeling is like when you have too much restriction, it is quite a scary thing to go thru. I have never really suffered from cramp but some members of my family have, not a nice thing either, I hear that eating banana's is good for cramp but absolutly not with the kind of restriction you have had of late, I think the closest you could have got to eating a banana is just having a smell.

so pleased to hear you are all sorted.

Zena xxxxxx

Lonicera said...

It was so weird... all my joints started to ache (much more than usual) and it felt as though the pouch was riding up into my throat! The nurse who did the unfill told me that she had recently had to unfill a patient who was a NURSE, who hadn't drunk any fluid for 3 days, hadn't been to the loo for 2, etc. Even as an ignoramus on medical matters I know how dangerous it is to dehydrate even a little, which was why I was panicking.
So now I ask myself if I've arrived (by one route or another!) at the "sweet point". All I can tell you is that I feel very good restriction today, and thanks to the surgeon removing all the fluid before re-filling, I know I'm definitely not leaking.
Net result of a hideous couple of days: loss of 4lbs, so far touch wood not affected by replacing lost fluid. (So 92.5 kg, 14st 8 this morning. Onwards and downwards...)
Thanks for the lovely messages.

Chezza said...

Caroline - you are brilliant!! Hope you got my text! I am just enjoying being a bit "normal" after these last few abnormal days!
I realise the choking thing was as the result of PBing in my sleep - so very scary! Shoot up in bed or what!!
Dear Mr W - no wonder he is on anual leave although don't quite know how that works when he offered to operate next week! Ah well! X

Bunny said...

Hi Caroline,
I am so with you on this. You handled it well though and didnt wait too long to take advice. Thats the most important thing. Welldone on your weightloss, and just because 30kg sounds a 'nice rounded figure'... I am sure that 28 or 29kg will still be great... after all none of us want a NICE ROUNDED FIGURE anymore do we!! :o)
hugs and thanks for your comments... how about a tin of tuna? hee hee

Tina said...

ouch-I'm glad you got the too-tight fill sorted out. This fiddling about can be frustrating can't it. Not enough fluid, not enough fluid then whammo-too much. I hope this latest amount does the trick! Since it has been a week now :) do let us know how it is going??


Lonicera said...

Thank you all for your comments. The weightloss I bragged about in the previous comment has disappeared, I'm the same weight more or less as 10 days ago. It almost feels as a protest from my body that I'm treating it too roughly.... Oh well. I'll just keep plodding on.

Shaggs said...

Thank you Caroline for your post - I know what to look out for - I am very restricted at the moment but its good if I dont be stupid (wow hey?) and its great to read other bandsters experiences with over filled bands. I am extremeist (if you hadnt guessed) and thought I would die or have an eroded band or band removed if I went through a night like that so glad to hear its all worked out OK so far and I now wouldnt be afraid or tentative to speak up when things aren't going so well. And thank you also Caroline - I love your comments on my blog they really leave me thinking and soul searching and while I rarely comment back, I'm thinking about you and your blog generosity all the time! Thank you girlie!

Lonicera said...

Thanks Shaggs - what a nice message. There's something about the way you write, I always want to sort of sit you down and say "now LISTEN........." !! Granny complex probably!

Shaggs said...

I think you're far too young to be my granny but hey, I'm in the market for one so keep on keeping on, I love it!

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