Sunday, 27 September 2009

Do as I say, not as I do...

I shall have to accept the fact that in my mid fifties I'm not likely to succeed in losing weight at a rate other than slow and steady. I was trying so hard to to ensure that I felt very much slimmer by the time of my impending trip to Argentina (a month away), and as usual I can see that I've overestimated my body's capacity for weightloss, gym or no gym.
It came down with a bump last week because of the overfill, stayed down for several days, enough to make me adjust my sights, then whoosh, up it went again, and has stayed there. I'm still very restricted till the evening (and I don't listen of course, so it ain't been very comfortable), then I feel so undernourished that I'm obviously having more than I should - and late at night at that. Slops by day and carbs by night, what a recipe for failure!
But as Tina said in a recent post, the band stays with you whether you like it or not, working through your "what's the point of bothering" moods - and thank goodness for that. It's not that I'm despondent overall - I've lost as much as most people my age since banding 9 months ago - but that I wanted a short-term concerted effort by the end of October, and I was 'putting my money where my mouth is' by doing what I've said all along I hate - effing exercise. As if there's some bariatric deity up there who's looking down on me kindly and saying to her bandit handmaidens "poor thing, she IS trying hard, isn't she - she deserves the reward of losing a couple of kilos a week... see to it immediately, Fatty-ma!" What planet am I on.
I recently had my regular check-up with the diabetic nurse, who is pleased with my progress, and no doubt also about the small fortune the National Health Service is saving on my supplies of insulin, and after she weighed me I noticed her screen had a chart with my weight over the last 6 years. I asked her if I could copy it down (always thinking of ways to entertain my bandit friends, see?) - and here it is:

Dec 2003..... 97 kg..........214 lbs..........15 st 4 lbs
Jan 2004..... 99 kg...........218 lbs..........15 st 8 lbs
Sep 2004.... 105 kg..........231.5 lbs........16 st 7 lbs
Dec 2004..... 98 kg..........216 lbs..........15 st 6 lbs
Apr 2005..... 97 kg...........214 lbs .........15 st 4 lbs
Sep 2005.... 102 kg..........225 lbs..........16 st 1 lb
Mar 2006.... 107 kg..........236 lbs..........16 st 12 lbs
Jul 2006..... 108 kg...... ...238 lbs..........17 st
Jan 2007.... 107 kg..........236 lbs..........16 st 12 lbs
Jul 2007..... 110 kg..........242 lbs..........17 st 4 lbs
Oct 2007.... 105 kg..........231.5 lbs........16 st 7 lbs
Jun 2008.... 105.5 kg........232.5 lbs........16 st 8 lbs
(Pre-op Nov 2008 114 kg....252 lbs..........18 st)
Jan 2009.... 107.5 kg........237 lbs..........16 st 13 lbs
Aug 2009..... 97 kg..........214 lbs...........15 st 4 lbs
May I draw your attention to the first and last weights? Nuff said.
I was leafing through a catalogue today, looking wistfully at some of the pretty dresses I'd love to wear one day, and thought I would share my favourite with you.

So I'm off to the effin' gym 'n swim....



Tina said...

Well you can look at the return to the same weight as a good thing or a bad thing...I tend to say good thing. You are now in the zone of gaining ground. You are over all of the ups and downs of preband life and ready to forge ahead with your new restricted life.

Those darn kilograms are, I think, not a good scale to measure weight loss in. I use pounds (it takes almost two pounds for one kilogram). This hit home to me in Germany when I was weighing myself and suitcases. I started out at a lower weight (felt good for a while) but the loss- You are not getting the feedback as quickly as you would in pounds.

I lose weight in spurts-lose a bunch and then stop for a month or even two (this time). When I am on a loss phase I seem to lose a pound every two days. If I were measuring in kilograms My warm and fuzzy feedback would be sooooooo slow :) Give it a try and see if it helps.

Simone said...

Hang in there's another month until you go away and, like Tina says, you are now on new ground.....94kg and going down.....REALLY REALLY WELL DONE TO YOU......I think it's fantastic.

That red dress is fabulous....

I loved your comment on my Friday post about the bed and the made me laugh out loud :)

Take care, thinking of you and have a great week,


Bunny said...

I thinks its brill that you are back to the same weight you were UNBANDED 6 years ago. We cant do this crap on our own. Welldone babe!

Buy that dress in a size 12 ready for when you are a whippet!!! LOL


Dawn said...

the next time you go for your diabetic check your weight will be a lot less...which breaks the circle. So proud of you for sticking to doing something that is not something you like.


Bunny said...

Hi caroline,
just wondering where abouts do you live? are you in cambridgeshire?

Lonicera said...

Nice comments, thank you.
Tina - you're right, it's so good to leave the ups and downs behind, and better to watch the pounds go down rather than the kilos. As you can see I've now done more homework and added the pounds and stones so anybody looking at it can feel comfortable looking at it.
Simone - the hardest bit is trying to be patient, I'm sure all bandits would agree. Thank you for such encouraging words.
Bunny - the image created in my head of being a whippet really made me laugh... I remember buying a small size dress once before, many years ago, in anticipation of all the weight I intended to lose - and didn't. I'm a bit more nervous about it this time... I live in Bristol, sadly too far away from Cambridgeshire, but should I ever head east, I'd so enjoy meeting you.
Dawn - I'm just not that sure how long I'll be able to stick to this gym malarkey, but I've got to try, cos I don't seem to lose much without it.
Back from being weighed at Taunton this evening and I'm now 93. Too slow for my special push, but I'm not ungrateful. There are too many memories of past failures for that.
Thank you all again.

Tina said...

woohooooooooo 93 KG---that is New Ground!! Fresh scale territory :) Please post again...I am down and need you guys to turn my frown upside down.


Lonicera said...

Message to Cara: Have been trying for several days to leave you a comment - much impressed (and amused!) by your valiant attempts to change the look of your blog. But I just can't post a comment! (And pity you've lost the whole width??)

Reddirt Woman said...

Hi Caroline... FYI... I have had trouble posting comments every where. I tried commenting here when you posted last. But I've been having you on my mind to try again to comment and after your visit I decided to come and try to comment with my answers for you.

The home I've been posting about is in Bartlesville Oklahoma where we lived for over 10 years, the last 7 of which I was unable to work because of the fibro. So I worked at home... doing things by pecking and surges of energy. I love the house even before we opened it up and made it the very open airy feel. It was terribly difficult to leave when we moved to where we are now. I hitched up my gardening drawers and started over. I haven't done near as much inside yet here, so it will be easier that way but we're just getting flowers established and now we are moving again. Into town, Norman OK, which is just south of Okla. City. It's just too far from medical facilities, a good half hour drive north or south or east, notwithstanding friends and good grocery stores.

So that's the gist. Didn't mean to write a post. Bartlesville was the There part of the post and where we are now will be the Here and then the new home will be the next step.

Shoot me a e-mail address and I'll answer that way if you'd like to know more.

Love you and keep up the good fight on the banding side.


Lonicera said...

Thanks Helen - as always you give so much more than you receive. My e-mail address is There are some houses we've lived in that really get to us, aren't there...

Lonicera said...

I've just been reading up about fibromyalgia. Sheesh!

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