Wednesday, 16 September 2009


I've been concerned for over a week now that although I feel occasional restriction, the satisfied feeling eludes me, and willpower is thin on the ground, as usual. With the self-imposed deadlines coming up, desperation was beginning to set in and I've been going to the gym three times a week, and swimming twice.
This is gritted teeth time, as I've mentioned before, because walking fast on a treadmill or cycling for 20 minutes each while listening to pop music and watching the soaps without sound (the volume through the headset doesn't seem to work properly, and I don't have an mp3), is not my idea of fun. (The characters on the soaps seem to be opening their mouths a lot when they speak - most un-British, so they must all be shouting and feeling unhappy. No change there then.)
In the end I rang the hospital to ask their advice, and they suggested I visit this evening and talk to the surgeon who did my op. They decided that I should have all the saline removed to check how much there was, then return it to where I was officially (9.25ml) plus a bit extra. He removed enough to confirm there was nothing wrong with the band, and has now put in a total of 10ml. Restricted? I can hardly talk. A bowl of soup was fine, but only got half through some yoghurt. At least I'm on my way again. I'm to return in a fortnight so he can check how I'm getting on.
Tomorrow is my monthly weigh-in for this blog. I was determined to lose 10 kg between August and late October, i.e. make 87 kg, or even 84 if I can, to make it a neat 30 kg since the beginning. However I can hear the laughs of derision echoing around the bandit blogging world from here... Groundhog Day - setting myself up to fail yet again... One good thing though - I don't feel like a failure any more, thanks to the band.
Night night.


DocSly said...

There will be no laughing from my site. I only believe in you and will shout to high heaven when you succeed. I envy you the restriction in the band.

Roo said...

no laughing here....this journey is going to have many ups and will get there....keep it up..!

Simone said...

Congratulations on this month's weight loss Caroline.....fantastic....hope you are feeling should be :)

You will do it, I know you will.

PS Thank you so much for your comment on my blog today, I do appreciate it.

Tina said...

It will happen. Keep working on it and go in even if you do not have restriction. It sounds like you are one your way now!!


Zanna, travelling tart, currently in Frankfurt said...

Failing is when you stop trying!! You will get there as you are far from giving up. Congratulations on persevering so far with the gym and swimming - a long way from someone who has stopped trying!! Z xx

Dawn said...

hello my lovely....I've posted at last...not a great few months for me on the whole, and still not there really...It's my head that's buggered!

Will spend the weekend catching up on all you posts, your cats are beautiful and I love the pictures...ones of yours?

thanks for thinking of me...X

take care, catch you soon.


oozyxena said...

You are on your way now Caroline, I totally understand the feelings of failure as I have them all the time, but we have to remember these feelings are only the whispers of our mind, looking at your posts I would like to reassure you, you are most defiantly no such thing, but you are an inspiration and an amazing women that has achieved so much, oh and I am sorry to tell you...the laughing you may here is in your mind too. No-one here is laughing, certainly not at you but with you every time you succeed.

Zena xxxxx

Lonicera said...

Thank you all for the brilliant comments.
(Dawn - yes, my pictures of the cats, though to be fair, you should see the number I actually took on each occasion, which were later ditched!)

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