Monday, 22 December 2008

It was only a mince pie...

I'm feeling much less sore, though hiccups come every 20 minutes or so, and hurt a bit. I'm managing to sleep almost flat with two pillows and a third wedged beside me. In the first couple of days I had only soup, juice and Optifast, but then made myself a large tupperware full of mashed potato, sweet potato, carrot & broccoli, with semi-skimmed milk, ProActiv, garlic salt and a generous quantity of grated cheddar. With no restriction at all at the moment, I'm surprised that I can still only have a small pudding bowl full of it.
Then I got over-confident. Over the next couple of days Special K cornflakes came first, then some cherries, a fresh pear... and my downfall tonight. A bowl of soup followed by... a mince pie. I ate it terribly slowly thinking 'this is a doddle' and then after about 5-10 minutes (long enough to almost have forgotten I'd had it), I got the simultaneous pain in the chest, nausea and too much saliva in the mouth. I was really grateful that I had done my homework reading other blogs (Tracey or Nola I think?) and recognised that this was Bandy making her presence felt, and followed the advice I remembered. I wasn't sick but had my head over the basin for a while. An hour later I'm still not that comfortable, but I'm almost pleased that I've learned an early lesson, and confirmed that it does work. So, no more pastry.
What the sisterhood didn't warn me about however is what to do with a partner who says annoyingly for the next ten minutes "I did tell you not to have that mince pie, but no, you wouldn't listen..." (When I'm dictator, anyone who uses the phrase "I told you so" will be strung up by his thumbs for at least a week.)
I have meekly abandoned tentative plans not to liquidise Christmas Day fare...


Nola said...

There is no way I could go liquid on the Christmas food!! Just mashed vegies would be OK and just little bits of things eaten very slowly and chewed well. Anyhow, have a wonderful Christmas day and I am pretty sure a Christmas wine wouldn't hurt!! lol

Lonicera said...

I must admit that's more or less what I'm planning, it's just that the mince pie gave me a real scare! Have a lovely Christmas Nola.

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