Friday, 30 January 2009

Unlike the celebrities - I welcome interviews! Go on then...

It's great the way Nola's idea has taken off... I'd be delighted to answer any questions as best I can, so ask away, the more the better... I'll reply in a future post.
(Though I don't think the tabloids and the paparazzi need get too excited...)


Dawn said...

My question is:

Which five people would you invite to dinner and why? They can be anyone from history and can be living or dead... although they would be alive at your dinner...LOL

Oh and just for my own curiosity... why Honeysuckle?


Nola said...

How, when and where did you meet your husband?
Describe where you live and the surrounding area for me.
I know...that is two....but it is fun!!!

DocSly said...

I hope I am not too late! If I came to the UK, what should I definitely see? And have you been to the US and if so what did you see, or would want to see?

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