Sunday, 11 January 2009

Not a good place for crisps

Being, as I've mentioned before, a virgin in these medical matters, I haven't found the dressings on my tum very comfortable, and have not until last week been very impressed with the quality of the dressings I was given (different, or so I thought, to what they put on me in the hospital).
Before going to the local surgery nurse to have her check my wound the other day, I put on a fresh one - on the same principle that if I'm going to be run over by a bus I'd want to ensure that I have clean underwear on, because what are the paramedics going to think - and thank goodness John was with me at the time, because he pointed out that I hadn't removed the (inner) paper cover when I put it on, and all was explained. I've been walking around crackling as if I'd stuffed a bag of crisps down my bra, and feeling it was just one more thing to put up with. Hope nobody noticed.
The wound has since healed thank goodness.


DocSly said...

Our mothers must have known each other. Mine always told me to be certain that I was wearing tidy undies. How funny. Glad you are healing well.

Dawn said...

My mum also imparted that valuable piece of information...I still change my undies before I go to any proffessional person - even the dentist - just in case!!


Lonicera said...

Ah - but how about taking SPARE ones in your handbag??? That would be neurotic, wouldn't it??

DocSly said...

You are coming up on your one month bandday. What a joy! Spare ones have crossed my mind when I sneeze.

Nola said...

That is really funny!! but easily done with these new dressings. Maybe that is why it took longer to heal...because it wasn't getting the air in there? lol, lol

Lonicera said...

I can't believe it's a month already... and very little to show for it. I'm trying to be patient, but even keeping level is getting harder, and still two weeks to go before my first fill. Ah well, no different to anyone else I guess.

Zena said...

I put on 3lb before my first fill, I think many people do, it is a bit of a stuggle but not long now and then you will feel a difference. I am waiting for my second fill and it is really odd as some days I think I dont really need one and should I cancel my app and another day I really feel hungry and wish the app was NOW!!! lol. Which then makes me think 'will I ever be happy' ?????


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