Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Life goes on

Apologies for the radio silence - too blue to blog. I much appreciate the sympathy, and I'm still trying to get used to the fact that I won't see the family jewellery again and that my niece won't inherit anything.
I couldn't give up just like that though - after two people told me they had recovered items of sentimental value by offering a reward, I put a fairly prominent ad in the local paper yesterday and today, saying I had "lost" some pieces, described them and offered £100 each for their return, and gave a mobile number, implying that no questions will be asked, but there has been no reply. On Saturday I'll go to an area frequented by pawnbrokers and hand out copies of the ad, hoping the thieves have tried to offload the goods there. A friend in the security business has put out discreet feelers with the same message, but he's heard nothing either. It probably sounds hopeless to you reading this, but I have to try. I keep being told that if you want to be lucky you have to make your own luck, and I'm doing what I can. I dare say I'll move on in the end.
Bandwise, I feel it is helping me a little more following the third fill I had on 17th March. I now have 6.5ml in the band, and things are getting stuck a lot more often. But so much for the blurb about feeling satisfied after a teacup full of food - double D size bra cup, more like. However, I am aware of more "help", and I'm confident I will have lost more than a kilo next time I go to the hospital in mid April for the fourth fill.
This is what happens:
I'm hungry, I start my snack/meal with hasty bites, improperly chewed. By the third bite I feel painful restriction, desire to burp, and fork clatters back on the plate. "What's the matter?" says John - and it's taken him all this time to realise that I can't speak! I just wave my arms feebly to shut him up. I wait for the discomfort to go away, sometimes trying to help it along by flapping about like a windmill, or holding my breath, as a blogger has recommended this week. I only allow myself tiny burps (relief!) so they aren't productive, and wait. Sometimes it passes after 10-15 minutes, sometimes I'm forced to give up the struggle and head for the loo. By the time I feel OK again my hunger has returned (it surprises me every time!) but of course the food is cold. In addition, my brain has caught up with my stomach, and because I've effectively slowed down, I rarely want to finish what's on my plate. So presumably that's when the satisfied feeling kicks in. The world's overweight problems would be solved if there was a way to prevent us from taking less than 30 minutes to eat a plateful of food...
Thing is, I have to go through this palaver for it to work, and sometimes I want to sulk and say snotfair. It's better than the old me, though, so I can't sulk for very long.


Reddirt Woman said...

Lotta stuff in life snotfair. To git rid of what you got you have to do the nasty thing or learn to eat right.

Carol, one of my roomies, had stomach surgery back in the olden days when it was just getting started. More than once (usually once a week) even after all this time I see her git up leave the room and know what's gone down is now coming back up. But it's about the only way to stop the pain. Usually if she eats something a little too hot, fire wise, or it's been too long since she's eaten. I feel for you both.


Tina said...

you will eventually get better at chewing and eating slowly-There is nothing like "trips to the loo" to get something into your head. I came home from work on Wednesday just starving! This is normally a recipe for disaster so I was happy when I discovered that dinner had been chili-yay i said-something soft that will not get stuck when i eat it too fast. welllllll i actually chewed chili! I noticed it about half-way through the bowl. I was chewing the crap out of it. I would have never done that in the past.

Sooooo keep trying, don't wait too long for dinner-or add a small snack in before hand so you don't get too hungry. and then chew chew chew.


DocSly said...

I was quite worried about you. You have every right to be blue and I would try something also. Too bad there are people in the world with no regard for others. You take care and chew.

Nola said...

You made me laugh with the DDcup comment!! lol...that is about the size of my cup too:)
I do the same as you. Eat too fast, flap around like a mad woman....then still feel hungry so go back for a 2nd go of cold food!! We need to get the "beginning bit" right and we could be onto something!! lol
I understand you have to try every avenue with your stolen items....I would do the same.

Dawn said...

Hi Caroline,

Keep smiling :o)... try everthing you can to get your jewelary back, you never know when something smiles at you and you have to be ready. I kinda got into the habit of eating AND drinking at the same time cos it made things easier...I promise from now on I will chew my food and not rely on the water to 'help' it through!!!


Zena said...

Have you heard anything yet about you precious items? I hope there is someone out there with an ounce of conscience.


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