Sunday, 8 April 2012

"Iolanthe" production - the pictures

It's been such a busy few weeks that I haven't had time to do what makes me happiest - write a story.  Health issues, busy shows, happy weddings, sad funerals - and not enough time to look at the screen and think.  So for this week I'll show you my dress rehearsal photos of this year's production of the Bristol Gilbert & Sullivan Operatic Society - Iolanthe - with comments.

John as one of the lords, looking pensive
(and very hot under that crown, apparently)

Another lord, with as it happens, his father (in real life)
in similar role standing behind him. 

Two of the fairies - they claimed the wigs they wore were even hotter!

The Queen of the Fairies

This fairy had disobeyed a fairy law and had been sentenced to
live at the bottom of a river for 25 years,
hence the green hair...

This fairy was going to find it difficult to walk about the stage so they arranged a wheelchair for her, suitably covered in foliage.  In her right hand she holds an ear trumpet (all the better to hear with) and in her left is Philip the corgi, normally carried around by the Queen of the Fairies (an innovation this year which went down very well with the audience).  Philip was a glove puppet, and was therefore able to react wonderfully to what was being said.  He almost upstaged the Queen...

The love interest - singing how they feel about each other.

End of Act One

The "very susceptible Chancellor". 
(He makes all his own costumes - isn't it beautiful?)

A close-up of the Queen which shows off her adorable "crown".

In all Gilbert's plots there are simpering 'young ladies' being coy with the men before trapping them into marriage.  In this case the women were fairies who never aged, and the men were lords in Parliament.  He was clearly trying to tell us something about the times - or how he saw women...

The sentry outside the Houses of Parliament

The Finale


 Photo Finish
- from Lonicera's non-digital archive

An outing to Wells Cathedral with a visiting school friend



Joyful said...

My word, you have been busy. I do hope you will feel better soon as that can make everything else "feel" different.

I loved your photos and your commentary. How wonderful to have actors in the family. Your pictures of your outing with your friend are great too!

I hope you are enjoying your Easter weekend. xx

Lonicera said...

Thanks Penny. I feel OK - just have to keep reminding myself to take the pills. Back to work on Tuesday after a two week break - now I'll certainly feel that pretty keenly. No more lie-ins...
Thanks so much for the kind comments.

OneStonedCrow said...

Great images Caroline - do you have a part in the play or are you official photographer?

It's obvious that, like me, you just love photographing people.

I hope that your health issues have eased somewhat and you'll have more time to write.

Lap Band Groupie said...

Catching up...and SO very glad you're doing better! I was worried about you (one of my Sis's has Diabetes and has had two mini-strokes...doing fine now, but nothing to mess with).

Life is swamped here and yep, I'm still working on the book site and with BSS.

Love all the new stories and the wonderful pics (you make me want to throw away my camera LOL).

Hope the meat is 'sliding' down now! Hugs.

Vagabonde said...

I noted that last time I came to your blog I could not place my comments for some reason. The train wreck your reported sounds so terrible – something that could have been averted.
I hope you are doing well and did not have another occurrence in your eye.
That play must have be fun to watch. Your photographs are so clear and crisp, as usual. Thanks for coming to my blog – I know you are a busy lady, so I appreciate it.

Coral Wild said...

Great photos Caroline. I hope you are feeling much better now?

Lonicera said...

Thanks Graham - my partner John sings in the chorus,and I take the pictures on dress rehearsal nights, put the pics on dvd and sell them to the cast, with all profits going to the G&S society. In these digital days it's more work, but I have infinitely more control over the final image, which is very satisfying. They used to come out so orange in the film days, and now I can tone it down, frame it properly, etc.

Lonicera said...

Lovely to hear from you LapBand Groupie! I feel guilty not writing regularly for BSS, but I truly ran out of ideas. But Jeff is such a nice guy, I know that if I'm suddenly inspired he'll be happy to post it for me. Predictably most foods are sliding down a little too well, and I'm doing my best to control it. For now, being able to take an awful lot of pills without any problem is the most important benefit.

Lonicera said...

Thanks Vagabonde - have no idea why you should have had difficulties leaving a comment, unless it was at a time when I was fiddling around with the blog, which I admit I do a lot of. If I see a mistake somewhere, even though it's on an old post which people aren't as likely to read, I stil go back in and correct, etc... Hope you've had no more problems.

Lonicera said...

Thanks Sue - in fact I didn't ever NOT feel well - it's just that for about half a minute on two occasions I lost the sight of a third of my left eye, which was more scary in retrospect, when I was told I could have lost the sight in that eye altogether. I'm doing everything they ask of me, and so many pills that I sound like a baby's rattle when you shake me. It's a sobering thought that I could have been/may be deprived of the one faculty which gives me most of my pleasure in life - writing and photography.

Thanks to all of you for asking, it's much appreciated.


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