Monday, 14 June 2010

57 – Special, but not lucky (yet)

It’s my 57th birthday today, Tuesday 15th June.  Back in early 2009 when I was newly banded I had this fanciful idea that I had about 57kg to lose, which was exactly half what I weighed at the time, and wouldn’t it be just perfect and right if by my 57th birthday in June 2010 I had shed the same figure in kilos.  And this dear bandit friends is why I don’t set goals, because failing to meet them belittles the fact that actually I’m pleased that I’ve lost 23kg since being banded, even if it is less than half the way there. 
Back in September 2008 when I was deeply unhappy and didn’t know the band existed, if you had told me that I would be sitting here writing about having lost 23kg, I would have wondered if I had died and gone to heaven.  Now that I’ve put that feeling of utter despair behind me, I just wish I was stronger and could proceed a little faster. ..
I’m not complaining though – I think I’m probably as near the sweet spot as I’m likely to get.  The reason it feels different is because on weekday evenings as I work or play on my computer, I’m hardly aware that I haven’t eaten, and in the past I’ve always been a heavy meal after 9 p.m. sort of person.  All I’ve got to do now is to avoid the high calorie foods which go down easily such as biscuits and milky drinks.  (And not make lemon sponge with butter icing to take to work for my birthday, and lick the spoon too often).
My birthday dinner was last Saturday evening at a fish restaurant (I prefer steak, but I’m trying to de-programme) and I had lobster as a special treat.  (Actually in flavour it’s just a socking great prawn, isn’t it?).  I enjoyed it, but admit that the ice-cream with toffee and chocolate sauce and served in a brandy snap basket was even better.  Anyway, nuff said.
I wonder where on this essential journey I'll be on my 58th birthday.

Photo Finish -
from Lonicera's non-digital archive

Churches - always marvellous subjects to photograph, from stained glass windows up to dreaming spires, and back to shadowy corners.  I dislike using flash, essential though it is in certain situations, and enjoy the challenge of working out how best to use my camera to get an interesting picture without camera shake.  These images were slides which I have scanned, and I'm glad I kept the underexposed ones, because with the aid of the computer I have been able to lighten the darkness in a way I could never have foreseen back in the early nineties when they were taken.

Bristol  (I regret I'm not sure which church)

St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol

Church of St Peter & St Paul, Bristol
(Note - blue is stained glass, not electric light)

Bristol Cathedral?

Glastonbury Abbey ruins

Another church in Glastonbury, seen from the Abbey ruins

Bath Abbey

Selworthy church, Devon




Darlin1 said...


Yes 57 is a wonderful year and I am so proud of your weight loss success--would love to celebrate our victories together sometime.

Cindylew said...

Happy Birthday toots...congrats on all of your progress. I'm sure it will continue for you.

Sandy Lee said...

I missed being first to wish you the happiest day. Right now it is still the 14th so still have a few hours here before it is "official". Just kidding. You have done so well and should be proud. Remember this is a journey not a race. I think we have all written on this. I too wish we could see into the future sometimes. At least we know we will not be our bigger selves. Each day we shrink and life is good. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Go ahead and lick the spoon. You aren't on a diet anymore.

Nella said...

Happy Birthday!

THE DASH! said...

Oh Happy Birthday, Caroline!!! I hope youve had the loveliest day and been spoilt rotten. Beautiful pics too.

Zanna, travelling tart said...

Happy birthday Caroline - hope you've had a wonderful day. Today would have been my parents' 56th Wedding Anniversary (and my grandparents were married on the same day many many years earlier) so obviously a very special day. Zxxx

B said...

Happy birthday Caroline! I hope you've had fantastic day :)

Losing 23kg is an amazing achievement - well done!


Girl Bandit said...

Happy of happiest Birthdays...and 23 kg is awesome. I just realised when you were talking about kg....I so relate....that you live in the UK....not sure why that is usual your pics are gorgeous....Happy days and heres to the next 23 and years!!!!

Roo Food said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Roo said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day, and celebrate however way you want, lemon cake and all.
Sorry I deleted my previous comment as I realised I was signed into my other nonlap band blog (long story which I will blog about soon!)..but it's about that dream of cooking and writing about food!

Jesús said...

Preciosas fotografías de Iglesias.

Es curioso, pero el estilo de estos templos me parece un poco tétrico, como si en una noche de niebla tuvieras la sensación de que en sus alrededores el bien y el mal estuvieran luchando.

Un beso.

Lonicera said...

What very kind wishes - thank you all so much!

Yes I know it's a journey, it just feels as though it's taking such a long time. These days I read the younger bandit bloggers (the men particularly) with their annoyance and self-intolerance when they don't lose the usual massive weekly number of kilos and it just makes me feel that I'm on a different planet. I know that one can't say "You're bloody lucky to be able to lose it so fast, just wait till you're my age"'s a cliché and makes me appear old before my time, and the final cliché is that they don't want to listen anyway.

(Sigh) I'm far too full of birthday cake and chocolate, so ignore me.

Thanks for the visit Roo - I'm following your progress with great enjoyment. I remember your first posts before the op when you were having your last binges (which I relate to!) and what a long way you've come since then.

I really appreciate the birthday messages, thank you again.


Lonicera said...

Gracias por tu comentario Jesús.

Sabes, cuando llegué de Buenos Aires para estudiar aquí, venía de un país 'joven', y las iglesias europeas me causaron una profunda impresión, porque se veía y olía la historia, la interminable procesión de fieles desde la edad media que habían pasado por sus puertas. No soy una persona muy religiosa, lo que me interesaba era el ambiente, y como dices, ese elemento tétrico que me daba como un delicioso escalofrío. Y ahora a veces miro esta arquitectura colosal y se me ocurre que estos lugares fueron construídos en tiempos cuando había muchísima pobreza (algunos en Madrid y Londres por ejemplo), y se tendrían que haber usado los fondos para fines más dignos...


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