Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Things are improving...

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This is to report... and record... the fact that (for me) blogging is the best thing since sliced bread.  The combination of planning and writing my own posts together with reading all the blogs I follow almost as soon as they're posted has been essential in helping me get back to where I was before my trip to Argentina last October. 

The weight and bandit blogs are in all their many ways collectively teaching me to look within myself for the strength I need to continue on this daily trudge, and to remember that we're all basically the same, right down to the last weakness and embarrassed confession - everything's been done before.  And if they can all do it, why can't I? 

See the picture of Aconcagua on the right, with my comment that with the help of other bandit bloggers to push me when I flag, maybe I'll make it to the top?  I meant it when I wrote it, then I wasn't so sure, and now I'm back looking at it and thinking 'that's how they're pushing me - they're telling their stories to show me there's nothing new under the sun'.  No need to run or hide - we'll all get through this together.

My research into the Patagonia of the First World War fed my imagination for several years (as I have tried to describe it in this blog).  These days if I need to get away from reality, thanks to the internet I can hover over Patagonia like a bird on a thermal, unable to land yet looking fondly below.  There are many beautiful and poignant blogs where I can do this, and I am grateful to them for the virtual holidays they give me.

All have helped me to relax my anxieties - weight related and otherwise - and to halt the comfort eating that was the net result.  The band is working again - I'm at 10ml, and as long as I'm able to avoid temptation when it's presented to me, plus make the effort not to buy the wrong foods, then it isn't difficult, and it's coming off at a pound a week, as before.

So - thank you all my virtual friends for making the journey easier.


Photo Finish -
From Lonicera's non-digital archive:

Island of Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

The sea walls withstanding the effects of a windy day...

I can't resist bougainvillea, a reminder of childhood

It's said the island became a semi desert due to
over-pasturisation by goats in previous centuries

Nudist beach (for everyone except me!)

View from a high point in the middle of the island

A phenomenon: when sand blows west from the Sahara, in
certain circumstances it makes the evening sky go this
extraordinary colour.  I haven't altered it at all.



LDswims said...

Absolutely stunning photos. And what a fabulous blog. I can't wait to read your entire new approach is helping me change gears and I should be able to start at the beginning tomorrow. Please tell me there are more gorgeous photos like that. :)

Lonicera said...

That's so nice of you! Thank you very much. The "Photo Finish" section has been going on for a couple of months now - I've been crazy about photography for the last 15 years, and recently bought a special scanner which enables me to digitalise slides and negative film. So I include a few pictures at the end of each post. Some of them are still quite grubby, but I'm learning how to fix it.
If you like looking at pictures there are two groups of posts which have plenty - you can click on the links on the right. Tell me what you think. And thanks again!

Sandy Lee said...

What a lovely post. And so right about how other bloggers are getting us to the top. It's like having access to instant friends to get us up that mountain. One of the things I want to do is climb a mountain-a small one but one I can say I did. Thanks for the lovely pictures. You are amazingly talented.

THE DASH! said...

What a beautiful bunch of stunning photos. You should moonlight as a photographer (professional) on the side, I swear.
I'm glad things are getting better for you. It's nice to hear.

Zanna, travelling tart said...

Oh Caroline - I just loved these photos - that sky is amazing. So lovely to hear that you are feeling better about your weight loss journey - I know what you mean about strength from bloggers - I have my circle here who support me and who I try to support back - and they make a huge difference to my efforts - they understand and don't criticise. Zxx

Darlin1 said...

Very inspirational blog---I'm glad to meet you!---or I guess I should say-- I'm glad I found you. ;-)

Tina said...

hooray...things are on the move again! I am so glad. I loved the pictures too.

I am about 1/2 way through the My life in Patagonia book. It is really interesting read about the people and animals. It is also interesting to hear the the superior attitude the author sometimes projects over the native population. It really gives you a sense of the attitudes during the time.

I am reading the Kalia Ali book at the same time. I will forward it on when I finish (probably by this weekend).


Sandy Lee said...

Ugh-have to retype this whole thing again. Anyway, please copy the picture from my blog. I had created a sub-page in my blog to save some posts that I had to return to read and it led to a Post of the week every Thursday.

I really do think that this blogging community is ever so helpful. We're here to cheer you on even when others forget. Just remind us sometimes. One day we'll share a glass of wine and talk about all the people and their success. Cheers.

Nella said...

Great photos!

amandakiska said...

I love the blogs! This post is so true for me!

Lonicera said...

(I've also just lost a long comment too! That'll teach me to ramble on...)

Thank you all for such nice comments, not to mention the honour of a Lollipop award... I'm so grateful for the encouragement.

Tina - I'm glad you're enjoying Mollie Robertson's book. Her imperialistic view of the world is controversial, and if my translation of the book is ever published no doubt I'll have to do a lot of the 'see it in context' routine. It's interesting that the patronising views expressed were typical of WW1 as well as the fifties when she wrote the book, and her 'voice' seems to shift between the little girl and the grown woman. What attracted me was both the subject matter, which is dear to my heart because my childhood holidays were much like that, and the mixture of joy and sadness in her style. Let me know what you think of the ending. (And would love to read your book - in fact it was going to Google to learn more about Kalia Ali that made me lose the first comment I wrote!)


Bianca J said...

Hi there,

Just found you via Sandy's blog.

Beautiful photos! I'm looking forward to spending some time catching up on your blog.

Camille said...

What a wonderful blog! I love the photos.

Girl Bandit said...

Just popped over from Sandy's blog and I so agree with your comments. Did you take those photos??? Stunning

Shaggs said...

So great to hear your band is hard at it and your optimism prevails! And thank you to you for your contributions to the blogger world - your comments have certainly been pivotal to me on my journey. I love your pics esp the nudist beach of which I am a huge fan - you should try it some time its very liberating to realise that EVERYONE comes with their fair share of physical flaws and that in most cases the only people that are hung up about the way WE look is actually US!! (And I have been nude at every size from 110kg down and no one has ever laughed or sniggered or made me feel uncomfortable - that has all come from within at one stage or another) We're our own worst judges and we create our own hell and punishment and we create our own heaven too - reality is just perception and I perceive you to be a truly wonderful addition to my life - keep fighting the fight and heres hoping you'll keep finding little bits of heaven on the way.

Lonicera said...

Thank you Bianca J, Camille and Girl Bandit for leaving me comments - I've visited your blogs and have enjoyed them. And Shaggs, you're a sweetie, and I do thank you. Should I ever feel I can go nude on a nudist beach, I will truly feel I've arrived, cos I'll be thin as a wraith and a breeze will knock me over. No, hang on, my boobs would keep me anchored, no matter what size the rest of me was. Sigh.

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