Sunday, 21 March 2010

Some photos around the house taken today

Tina's March Project

Tina over at Tina's Weightloss Journey has set me the task of taking a picture somewhere around my house to show what it looks like in March, so this afternoon accompanied by Banjo and Rusty -

I set off round the house (not, it has to be said, a very long journey) and noticed that the camellia bushes down the side are starting to flower - Banjo thought I was photographing him of course, he's quite used to it.

Banjo and the Camellia -
spring comes at last to my home in Bristol

This is a view from the street -

My home on the outskirts of Bristol, March 2010,
with Rusty on guard

- and Rusty wasn't taking any chances (on being excluded from the photograph, that is).

Under him on the pillar is my house name - Avonsong - so called after a song written by John about the river Avon, one of many beautiful and catchy tunes from "Clifton Town", an opera he composed some years ago about the Bristol Riots of 1831.  It was staged successfully at the Bristol Old Vic in 1989 (I think I've got the year right).


Photo Finish
- from Lonicera's non-digital archive

Avonsong and the cats in years gone by

Back garden with greenhouse
and camellias in the foreground

Rusty and Banjo in June 2001, when they were 2 months old.
Banjo didn't like those glass grapes, which I adored,
and within a short space of time had learned to
knock them off the windowsill. 
After the second time they were too badly chipped
to display again.  Lesson learned.



Michelle said...

It looks so beautiful... Enjoy the beautiful weather...

Tina said...

wahhooo thank you :) I had all Jen's and now I have a Caroline in the list :) The pics look great!

THE DASH! said...

Okay now I know my pics were boring lol. Yours however are outstanding! Really great job!!!

Liliana G. said...

¡Hola Caroline!
Agradezco las hermosas palabras que les has regalado a mis poemas. Te confieso que no te dejé comentarios antes porque desgraciadamente no sé hablar inglés y no sabía si vos lo hacías en castellano.
Muchas veces el idioma no tiene importancia, nos comunicamos a través de los sentimientos y de las imágenes. Las que acabo de ver en tu espacio, son maravillosas y hablan por sí mismas en el idioma universal de las miradas.
Soy una enamorada de los gatos, y los tuyos soy ¡preciosos!
Me da mucho gusto haberte encontrado.

Un cariño muy grande.

Nola said...

I loved having a look around your house!! I wish I could visit in person....and of know I love your babies!!!!

Lonicera said...

So glad you like the pictures - I don't know how I managed before digital. All that struggling with films and taking them to be developed... and now you can look at your results on your screen straight away. Wonderful. And with my new scanner I've already got 400 odd slides in digital form, waiting to be put back to work - perhaps on the blog, now that I know people like looking at pictures. (And thousands still to go, but I won't go into that!)

Lonicera said...

Liliana - cuánto me alegro que hayas visto mis fotos acá, y que sepas que al ser argentina y dominar el castellano, podramos seguir en contacto alguna vez. En cuanto leí tu primer poema supe que eras una escritora excepcional. Supongo que tu obra ha sido editada, y me gustaría buscarla por internet. Noto que tenés muchos vínculos en tu blog, que miraré con más detenimiento.
Gracias por tu mensaje, realmente aprecio que te hayas molestado!


Debi said...

Your place is beautiful!! Love your cats, especially banjo! Gorgeous coloring. Thanks for the comment on my blog! I had never seen a red squirrel, so I googled them and I agree, they are gorgeous creatures!! I will try to post some photos of them next.

DocSly said...

Another beautiful post. It looks just lovely in Bristol. Hope all is well with you. Take care.

Jesús said...

Beautiful and tender photographies.

I blow you a kiss.

Lonicera said...

Jesús, you're a sweetheart, and I'm doubly grateful for your coming over to leave a message!

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