Thursday, 20 August 2009

Catching up

To update you on my monthly fills and the band generally, I’ve had two visits to Taunton since I’ve been posting about my overweight history, but only one fill. In June I had been feeling very good restriction for the first two weeks after the fill, but tapering off after that, then the same pattern once again after the July fill, when they topped me up to 9 ml. They suggested that the following visit in August I had a chat with the dietician.


She confirmed I was more or less on the mark in the way I feed myself (I’m afraid we lot are too far from perfect) and the staff didn’t give me a fill. They said I should start trying to see the band as the tool for feeling satisfied rather than feeling restricted, and that’s what I’m now trying to do. It’s harder, but less uncomfortable, and even more important that I don’t give in to the temptations at the office of muffins left over from meetings, or chocolate given us by our stationer, or the odd Danish pastry from the canteen at mid morning. The only way I can make it work is to drag out the eating process for as long as possible.


Following a plateau longer than normal, I decided I would do something completely out of character – and joined the gym to try and speed up the weight loss. For someone like me who has never done anything like this before it is hard to overcome shyness and self-consciousness, even though I note that all sizes seem to go there and no one pays much attention. Walking into it for the first time was touch and go, I just wanted to turn tail and run… But the trainers have clearly dealt with idiots like me before, and mine was patient and reassuring, so I’m going again tomorrow. I felt no stiffness the following day, and realise I can do a lot more than just 5 minutes each on three different machines. The fact that they have TV’s fixed to them is quite an incentive; otherwise boredom would be a serious factor.


I continue to swim every week, and though it’s pleasant when the roads are clearer of cars during school holidays, I shall be delighted when the little darlings are safely tucked up in their classrooms once again, and leave the swimming pool to those who don’t need to splash and shriek or jump on top of other swimmers to enjoy themselves.


In for a penny in for a pound, I thought yesterday as I walked from the staff car park to my office, and I climbed the three flights of stairs to my desk… and again later in the day when I needed to go on an errand… and ditto today. My colleagues are between amused and open-mouthed as I crawl to my desk hanging on to the wall, unable to speak for 10 minutes. But hey, it kicked me out of the plateau, so I’ll try to carry on.


This week I’ve had a terrific shot in the arm to incentivise me, which has just about robbed me of my appetite – but I think I’ll expand on it next time. My posts are probably too long anyway.


(Don’t you find it intensely annoying to have to compose your post by typing in the silly little box, which isn’t even wysiwyg? I often use Word and then transfer, but would so much prefer to type into a format which is identical to how it will finally look. I wonder when Blogspot will wake up to this, and introduce some decent technology.)




Zanna, travelling tart, getting ready for her next trip said...

Well done on braving the gym - know exactly what you mean - I first ventured in about 8 years ago - had never been to a gym in my life - and actually loved it. I go through stages when I go to the gym and when I do I love it - find the tricky bit is fitting it into my life. So much of this weight loss and weight maintaining thing is about getting your head in the right place so that you line up with what your body is trying to do - I think it does get easier as time goes by. Look forward to hearing about the incentive. Have a great weekend Z xx

Tina said...

I think we all have to fall to the evils of exercise eventually:) I have started the odd walk and stair climbing hell...It gets easier. I find myself keeping to the front of my mind what it would be like if I had the 75 extra pounds I once had and try to get in an extra jump or something to show my lightness without it. Keep up the good work Caroline!


The Dash! said...

Well done, Caroline on getting into that gym. I honestly think they are torture chambers (been there done that) but if you get the right people who help you, then they can be amazing! I'm glad it kicked you out of the plateau. Brilliant news. Keep it up!

Reddirt Woman said...

You did good on going and braving the gym. And the trainer did a good job of starting you out so you weren't so sore. That would have been discouraging if you had gotten up and been so sore you decided to chunk it. And I know exactly what you mean about the kids in the pool. Do you think their moms would notice if you held them under the water? Just for an extra second or two? Ah the temptation, especially when they jump in doing a cannonball just to try to splash everyone.

Good for you to on the stairs at the office. The fact that you need about 10 minutes to catch your breath shows that the cardio is good for you. At least you didn't keel over and have to get the paramedics in for you. Anyone that doesn't want attention brought to them doesn't want the medics to be called in.

Keep it up Caroline. At least you kicked the plateau where it lived.


Zanna, travelling tart, getting ready for her next trip said...

Yes the credit card world is getting much smaller. When my mum and sister were here from UK last Christmas they all had stops put on their transactions as they hadn't notified them that they were going to be here. Yes I intend to keep blogging while I'm travelling - both Bloss and I will take our laptops with us. So if I end up anywhere near Bristol expect an urgent comment! Although doubt that we'll have time to stray too far afield this trip. Z xx

Lonicera said...

I can't honestly say I love it, I must admit, but I'm surprised that it's not harder than it is. They're 'breaking me in' gently and only allowing me to do between 4 and 6 minutes each on several machines. I still haven't lost my self-consciousness unfortunately.
I was told Sundays were quiet, so I made a big effort today and did 6 minutes each on 5 machines, then moved over to the swimming pool and managed to get a lane to myself, which made all the difference. I did 40 lengths, but doubt I can keep that up. Feel virtuous though!
Thank you SO much for the encouraging comments.

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