Friday, 20 February 2009

Second fill - NOW you're talkin'!

I had my second fill on Wednesday - from 4ml in a 10ml band I've now gone up to 5.5ml. I was pleased - nay amazed - that they recorded a 2kg loss since last time, a month ago. As usual I had been keeping away from the scales out of fear rather than 'doing the right thing', so that was a boost.
For the first time I was able to enjoy the friendly banter in the waiting room, and the exchange of information. My only 'group therapy' so far has been the blogs I read - and they're brilliant. But it was nice to get instant answers to questions, and to learn that it was not at all unusual that 2 months into all this I've felt very little restriction, and certainly no feeling of fullness after eating.
There was one lady there who was banded 8 months ago and has only lost three quarters of a kg in that time, despite being on 9ml. She lives in London and drives all the way to Taunton for her fills and consultations - brave or what. She's very fed up about it and says there's a suggestion that her band might be leaking, so next time they'll be checking to see how much is actually in there. (I thought they withdrew all contents before filling again to check the volume, but the doctor explained that they only do this if they suspect there's something wrong, and that in any case they can't empty it altogether because it would create a vacuum effect and cause problems when re-filled - so they can have a fairly accurate idea, but not 100%. Interesting)
Since then I've been amazed by the difference. I can feel it almost straight away, and have had to be very careful not to feel tight, sick, etc. This morning at work I started on a home-made brown bread tuna mayo sandwich and after three bites had to rush to the loo. Both horrible and embarrassing, but wotta lesson. However, I don't feel 'full' after a teacup full of food...
I had salad last night without any problems, and this makes me fear that it's bread that will be the problem. Tragic.....


Nola said...

You have the same in your band as me now! Bread makes me full very two bites!! It hurts a bit too. I try to use that to my when I have been overeating I turn to bread and I just cannot eat more even if I want to:)
I was starting to worry about not feeling restriction and that sort of thing....but now I can see how great it is going to be and that it will work. I am considering going for another .5 of a fill because I still feel hungry and think of food all the time inbetween meals.

Dawn said...

Bread for me is also a problem, I have to chew it almost to mush otherwise it's a problem and like Nola I try and use it to my advantage as it fills me up, but takes a long time. So congrats on the loss - bonus. And goodluck with your next weightin (when ever that is ;o)xx)


Lonicera said...

Good idea to USE the fact that bread isn't easy to eat - it's the only thing I want to eat at work, so it'll force me to consume it slowly. It's just that I keep hoping that the satisfied feeling after a 'teacup full' of food will suddenly and magically start to happen, and it hasn't. Or maybe I should put this much on my plate, and when I finish it, think about it for 10 minutes.... (which feels no different to what I usually do when I'm on a diet and my willpower is still around).
I know - be patient. It's difficult when you need the psychological lift so much.
Thank you both for your comments.

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